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Aluett Purchases Candle Crossing - an Online Store - to Help Raise Money for Local Charities


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Steve Thompson joins G.S. Levine Insurance, and partners with Strategic Insurance Solutions


Internet and Technology Service

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Aluett's goal is to help our Internet and technology clients achieve technological self-sufficiency.  Through our family of companies and strategic partnerships, our services include Internet business and technology consulting, web site design, web site hosting, Internet fundraising, online education, and multimedia design & development.

Web Design
We believe that business integration is a critical aspect of your web site.  It provides a means of communication, and enhances profitability and efficiency.

Because the Web will be dominated by slow Internet connections through 2006 and perhaps beyond, Aluett's principle web design criterion is download speed and business integration.  We design web sites that are easy to navigate, contain useful information, and are formatted in a simple, straight-forward way.  We don't believe in flashing lights and banners, or "bleeding edge technology" that hinders web site speed or business opportunities.  Simplicity, efficiency, and ease of navigation are our strengths.

Web Site Maintenance and Internet/Technology Consulting
Once a web site is active, it's imperative to keep it operating effectively.  Search engine submissions, links, and content updates are all important aspects to a web site's smooth operation.  Aluett strives to help each of its customers become technologically self-sufficient; however, we recognize that some organizations have staffing and time limitations.  We're here to help.  Our technical staff can provide web site maintenance contracts for terms up to one year.

Web Hosting
Our strategic alliance with Webhostit offers web hosting at affordable prices (beginning at just $7.95 per month for non-profit and small organizations), exceptional features, and domain registration for just $20 per year.  

Multimedia & Video
Through our network of strategic partners, our video and CD-ROM-based multimedia programs are designed with your company culture and vision as the driving force.  Whether a promotional ad, or company training production, our products and services reflect the spirit and essence of your organization.

Customer Service
At Aluett you get reliability, innovation, affordable pricing, and superior customer service.  Feel free to contact our clients or strategic partners to talk more about how we deliver.



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