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Strategic Insurance Partners, L.L.C.

3377 Carmel Mountain Road

San Diego, California  92121

TEL (858) 523-7549  FAX (858) 481-7953

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Strategic Insurance Partners, L.L.C. 

At Strategic Insurance Partners our mission is to help our clients (Insurance Agents, Brokers, Consultants, and Companies) secure their clients from at-risk safety and health practices.  By using a comprehensive and holistic approach, our goal is to enhance the quality of work-life for all companies we work with.


We help your clients improve their business operations, human resource and safety functions, and injured worker outcomes by incorporating effective and innovative techniques.


  • Integrated solutions that combine on-site consulting, management and employee skill development, and implementation assistance

  • Personalized leadership and safety training programs, including:

  • Basics of Workers’ Compensation and Safety

  •  Safety Leadership for Managers and Supervisors

  •  Building Safety Leaders at Every Level of the Organization

  •  Supervisor’s Role in Safety

  •  Ergonomics and Wellness 

  • Risk, safety, and injured worker improvement strategies and recommendations

  • Safety Program Evaluation

  • HR That Works – Online employee practices management system

  • Coordination of safety services with insurance carriers

  • Assistance with workers’ compensation claim reviews

  • Multimedia presentations, and Video production

  • Research assistance on special needs

Certifications and Professional Affiliations

  • Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

  • American Society of Safety Engineers

  •  San Diego Insurance Adjusters Association

  • Pacific Safety Council

  • National Safety Council

Fee Structure

  • $145 per hour (minimum 4 hours/day)

  • $125 per hour (if contract exceeds 200 hours within 1-year period)

  • Billing increments are minimum 1-hour

  • Pricing for customized/complete projects

  • Monthly billing

Broker/Agent/Company Service Retainer Program

  • Agent/Broker/Company services $1,150 month (maximum 10 hours/month - additional hours can be arranged for $115 hour) 

  • Monthly billing



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