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Aluett Purchases Candle Crossing - an Online Store - to Help Raise Money for Local Charities


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Steve Thompson joins G.S. Levine Insurance, and partners with Strategic Insurance Solutions


About Us

At Aluett, we continue to innovate by being open to ideas that will provide the most effective strategic and technology solutions for our customers.

Aluett came together with the help of many people.  Our partnership agreements with leading Internet and business providers (through our Strategic Partnerships) enable us to bring quality products to our customers.

Aluett was founded by Stephen Thompson.  He is the President of Thompson | Currier, has served on the Board of Directors for a number of non-profit organizations, and has worked for major U.S. corporations.  His educational background includes studies at the University of Southern California (Occupational Safety Management) and a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University.  Steve served as an Air Force medic and nurse, and is a former safety & health instructor and program coordinator for San Diego State University - College of Extended Studies, Occupational Health and Safety.  He is a respected speaker at conferences on a variety of topics, including:

  • Risk and safety management

  • Information technology

  • Multimedia design

  • Alternative medical treatments for injuries

  • Effective leadership

Company Name

The company is named in memory of Steve's grandfather.  Originally from France and Belgium, he would (at our constant request) sing the children's song Alouette to all of his grandchildren.  We never tired of his animated and colorful rendition of this classic tune.

Company Vision and Direction 

Aluett has a number of ongoing projects and ideas in development, including the development of its company structure and focus:

Aluett Corporation (now part of the Thompson | Currier family)
Aluett is the parent corporation for Non Profit Source/Source Foundation, Source Store, Source Training, and Change Artists.  It was founded in January, 2000, and serves the business, safety and health management, technology, and innovation needs of its clients.


Non Profit Source/Source Foundation
Dedicated to creating quality cost web presence and access for non-profit organizations, associations, special events, and charities.  Non Profit Source provides web design, web hosting, multimedia development, Internet technology education, and fundraising consulting services.  Source Foundation (in development) is a non-profit organization/foundation designed to help facilitate on-line donations and non-cash transactions for non-profit organizations, associations, special events, and charities.


Candle Crossing (
In the spirit of Source Foundation, Aluett purchased this small online candle products store. 
Candle Crossing was started in 2003. Their mission is to provide unique candle products and accessories, and help local non-profit organizations by donating after-expense profits. Organizations supported include Head Start programs through Neighborhood House Association (, and Child Safety programs through the Pacific Safety Council (

Source Store
Dedicated to creating quality cost web presence and access for small business.  Source Store provides web design, web hosting, multimedia development, and internet technology education.


Source Training
Currently in development.  Source Training works with strategic partners to provide on-line education.  Focus is on leadership, risk, and safety & health management.


Change Artists
In the spirit of Joe Dominguez and Vicky Robin's Your Money or Your Life, and Marsha Sinetar's Do What you Love, the Money Will Follow, Change Artists strives to perpetuate the philosophy of simplicity and self-efficiency.  At Change Artists, were dedicated to helping people follow their dreams, desires, and life passions.  Some quests include traveling from accountant to photojournalist, banker to video producer, and corporate administrator to master landscaper.  For some, the transition may mean a total career change.   The New Road Map Foundation, and Changing Course Online are places of refuge for those trying to enhance their lives with this philosophy.


Aluett's corporate domain is in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with staff and strategic partners in California and North Carolina.  Stephen Thompson is President of the company.



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